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Submissions Closed




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UI/ UX Job Posting

About MetaTicket:

MetaTicket is a blockchain ticketing service for live events. Tickets will now be made to display with our new asset based ticketing model.

What we need from you:

Develop engaging and user intuitive designs for all the below pages in 3 viewing dimensions for different devices including the computer, tablet, and phone.

About you:

  • You always think about the user first in your design.

  • You can integrate and elevate the MetaTicket branding, differentiating it in the ticketing space.

  • You think about how to optimize the user experience.

  • You complete tasks on time and communicate to the team updates, concerns, problems, and the like.

  • You never assume and make sure all elements are included.

  • You make sure the design product is up to par with the expectations of the MetaTicket team.


1,200 USDC

Main Page Elements to Include

  • Navigation bar with Sports, Concerts, Theater, Family, More. 

  • Add a default avatar icon and login if not logged in vs avatar and username if logged in.

  • If the user is not logged in a small pop up should appear to encourage the user to login.

  • Search bar with zip code or state, date, “search for artist, venue, or events” within search fields lightly greyed.

  • Main banner with highlighted events. Carousel style. See here for banner size and position. Design must span the entire page.

  • Browse By Category Section - Thumbnails Representing Sports, Concerts etc.

  • Top Picks Near You (zip code events displayed) Section

  • Footer with Contact Us , About, etc.

Event Type Pages (Concert, Sports, etc) see example here.

  • Navigation bar with Sports, Concerts, Theater, Family, More. 

  • Event type banner.

  • Under the banner have event type, dates, zip code or state filter.

  • List of events for this category from earliest date to latest date.

  • Showcase 10 events with a load more button.

  • Footer with Contact Us , About, etc.

Organizer Page Elements to Include

  • Navigation bar with Sports, Concerts, Theater, Family, More. 

  • Include a search bar.

  • Include the organizer (artist, sports team, etc) banner.

  • List of events will be displayed here from soonest to latest.

  • Include a Bio for Organizer and Gallery

Event Page

Examples: Ticketmaster & Vividseats

  • Navigation bar with Sports, Concerts, Theater, Family, More. 

  • Include a search bar.

  • Include the events/organizer image or banner.

  • Include filtering options to include price range, amount of tickets, verified resale tickets.

  • Include  a stadium graphic.

  • Included zoomed in section to stadium seats where you can select a seat and a pop up of row, section, price etc is displayed.

  • When the user selects seats and presses purchase selection, a pop up will show up as the user waits. Every pop up will be a clever educational opportunity as we guid the user into the world of web3. Here we can put “We are cooking up your tickets. Did you know your tickets are now digital assets made to display?”

Payment Page

  • We will be using stripe integrated payments to purchase tickets. Included stripe setup payments.

  • Delivery Method Section. We will use this section to educate users that their tickets are now displayable assets. Users can use their phone and owning these displayable tickets will allow them into the game. Just scan your phone’s barcode to confirm you own the ticket. 

  • Include total with agreed to terms link and checkbox. User must click to complete payment. 

  • Total will have a drop down menu to show breakdown of all fees.

  • We will have a blurred image of a ticket animate, changing tickets, as if enticing the user to ask which ticket will I get? Tickets are randomly minted to fans. The rarity of the ticket is the luck of the draw. We will want an education area near this animation.

“Your tickets are securely stored on the Solana blockchain. Each ticket is unique from all the others, with some attributes within the ticket more rare than others. Your tickets can be displayed on all your devices as well as our NFT displays. 

  • We will also include a “Purchase NFT Display with your ticket purchase” area, where users can select a display with their purchase. 

  • Upon purchase of the tickets we will have a pop up window where we will let users know the tickets are being minted to the blockchain. We will have educational sentences as well as reminders to be patient while the tickets are created in real time on the blockchain. We can include some cool graphics of NFTs on displays and other images to see as we wait. 

User Profile Page

  • Navigation bar with Sports, Concerts, Theater, Family, More. 

  • Include a search bar.

  • Include user avatar.

  • Include a welcome “username” to MetaTicket.

  • Here we will include upcoming events and the ticket image.

  • We will have current events and past events.

  • Each ticket will have options to view tickets, send tickets, or sell tickets.

  • Section to update basic info (name, email, phone number, country, zip code)

  • Section for payment (to save payment method)

MetaTicket Display Portal

  • Navigation bar with Sports, Concerts, Theater, Family, More. 

  • Once the user selects a ticket it should take us to the MetaTicket display Portal Page where we can view the ticket. 

  • We will include buttons to link our wallet to a NFT display. Users will have to connect their NFT to unlock settings to the display.

  • Once connected Settings un-grey and allow us to interact with the display.

  • Under the display area will be all tickets we own.

  • We can select the tickets we want to display. 

  • Include Blockchain Explorer button to view your ticket on the Solana Blockchain.

This page is where you can get creative. Put the user in front of your mind and make it an experience. The user is on this page to look at their ticket and potentially connect it to one of their displays.

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Must have knowledge and strong skills in Figma.

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